Coaching FAQs


I have been in business for 20 years. How can you teach me anything?
There is more to running a successful workshop than just being a great mechanic or technician. You also have to be an expert in staff management, sales and marketing, customer service, systems and procedures. The reality is that most hands-on owners have received very little assistance and training in all the other areas required to run a successful business. You’re the expert on the tools and we are the experts in business development. Your technical expertise combined with our systems and training will only make your business better.

I’m already flat-out. Won’t this just mean more work?
When you build your business plan with your coach it may seem a bit overwhelming, but no one ever said that reaching your goals would be easy. The reality is that in order to make the necessary improvements you need to implement the plan which will take hard work. Your workload will be the hardest in the first couple of months and then it will start to taper off as we work through the program and implement improvements. Remember – if we do nothing, your business won’t improve.

How much time is required?
The tasks that we set each fortnight will vary and so will the time commitment. At the start of the program the workload will be between two - four hours per fortnight. We are very mindful that you still have a business to run so communication between both parties is critical when setting our fortnightly goals.

Am I locked into a contract?
No, we operate on a monthly arrangement. TaT Biz does not believe in locking you into long term contracts. So if, for whatever reason, the program is not working, you have the right to walk away.

How long does the program take?
If you have been in business for a while you will know that there are no quick fixes. All businesses begin the program at different levels, people work at different speeds and everyone has different goals and aspirations. From experience, those businesses that stick with the program for at least 12 months will experience the greatest result and the greatest return on investment.

Are there any guarantees?
As in life and business, the answer is “no”. We can never guarantee a specific result or that your goals will become a reality. As the program is dependent on you implementing the agreed tasks then you will be equally accountable for the results. What we can guarantee is promptness in our service and our commitment to helping you make your business more successful. From experience those business owners who undertake what is required each week and stick with the program for at least 12 months will achieve great results.

What results have other business owners seen?
Everything from owners previously working 60hrs down to working just 20hrs, achieving 100% staff productivity, right through to doubling of revenues and profits. Our results speak for themselves and they are highlighted by former and current clients in our testimonials.

What areas will we work on?
At the beginning of the program we will use our industry specific business planning and strategy checklist to perform a complete overview of your operations. Areas we will cover will include financial control and cash flow management, sales, customer services, advertising, marketing, team building, recruitment, technician productivity, time management, systems and procedures. We will then build a plan that focuses only on those areas that we have highlighted as requiring attention.

What’s the next step to determine if the program is right for me?
The next step is to organise a 1 hour complimentary consultation to help us understand where the opportunities are in your workshop and to explain in more detail how the program works. There is no obligation and the phone call is just to help us both determine if there are opportunities to help you grow and improve your workshop.