Business Coaching

Answer these questions honestly

  • Staff productivity low?
  • Always stuck at work?
  • Struggling to pay bills at month end?
  • Unclear about the direction your business is heading?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you would undoubtedly benefit from industry specific business training.

TaT Biz offers a limited number of One-one-one business coaching opportunities where your mentor works with you to help you implement the changes required to build a better workshop. The program starts with a four-hour planning session. With the help of industry specific business planning templates and strategy checklists, a complete review of your business goals and operations will be conducted. Areas such as cash flow and financials, human resources, pricing, marketing and advertising, customer service and sales, stock controls and operational procedures will be covered. At the end of the planning session you will have a specific plan for your business that details a list of strategies and tasks.

The second stage is the implementation of your plan. This is achieved through fortnightly hour-long consultations where, task by task, we help put your plan into practice. During these sessions we review the previous fortnight’s results, revisit your plan, discuss any issues and set tasks for the next fortnight. The program’s success depends on the plan being implemented so at times, hard work will be required. Bearing in mind that you still have a workshop to run, a commitment of around four hours a fortnight will be required to accomplish the program tasks. Just like in sport, those that do what is required get results – those that don’t, stay where they are.

It is so easy to lose a lot of money through having the wrong employees, poor productivity or wrong pricing calculations. Investment in poorly constructed advertising programs, lost sales and lost customers will impact on your bottom line. Recovering such losses will pay for a one-on-one program many times over. If you are serious about building a more profitable and successful workshop you should consider contacting TaT Biz and finding out more about our one-on-one coaching programs. As you will see from the testimonials great results are being achieved by those who applied themselves to the tasks.

Contact us today to organise a one-hour complimentary consultation during which we explain the program in more detail and guide us to the opportunities for your workshop. There is no obligation and the phone call is just to determine if there are opportunities to help you grow and improve your workshop.

See our One-on-one Frequently asked questions for more detail.