TaT Membership

The Automotive Technician (TaT) was established in Australia in 2008 by a team of aftermarket workshop operators, to meet the growing demand for information and experience required to keep pace with rapidly accelerating vehicle technology.

TaT's mission is to share knowledge, information and experience. It achieves this through a widening network of technicians throughout Australasia who share their knowledge and add specific vehicle experiences to a growing database of case studies.



As a member of TaT you have access to the following resources that when used effectively can save you a lot of diagnostic time and frustration and lead to greater efficiencies in your workshop.

  • TaT Magazine — Bi monthly technical magazine full of technical articles and tips straight of the workshop floor. Over 1,900 pages of technical articles have been electronically logged, so members can perform key word searches for past articles.
  • Repair solutions — Diagnostic repair solution database that members can search through by problem, fault code and vehicle. There are over 2,000 documented solutions following a consistent format from customer complaint right through to recommend charge time.
  • Technical assistance — Technical assistance requests are now open to the entire membership so both the TaT Tech team and fellow members are providing advice. Every case is followed through to completion, so the eventual solution is shared with fellow members.
  • Scan Data — Scan Data is database of good scan tool and scope data. There are over 15,000 individual uploads that members can download and compare to the bad data they have retrieved from the vehicle.
  • Diagnostic programs — ln house designed diagnostic calculators and software programs. There are 20 in total ranging from Volumetric efficiency calculators right through to fuel pump volume requirements.
  • Fault code and Acronym database — An electronically logged database of over 8,000 fault code and acronym definitions.


To become a member simply visit www.tat.net.au where you will find more information and the online sign up form.